Mayor's Message

A lot has changed over the past century in Ballarat, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

But what’s lucky for us is that we have not lost sight of this significant change over time, nor will we stop working to see our city advance even further into the future.

This year’s Ballarat Heritage Weekend celebrates these past achievements and future endeavours by focussing on technology and innovation.

So where have we come in the last 100 years?

Just look at the way we now search for content, we’re moving further away from paper and more and more into digital spaces.

Over 26-27 May you will have a chance to experience this for yourself.

One thing our city prides itself on is its heritage buildings, and now with the assistance of technology you will have an opportunity to see these in a whole new way – a virtual reality way.

Virtually explore the city’s underground shopfront, tunnels and cells this Ballarat Heritage Weekend and reimagine yourself in the Ballarat of yesteryear.
What better way to interpret and celebrate our history and heritage than through new technology.

As a city, we do technology well and Ballarat Heritage Weekend will showcase the opportunities we’re tapping into to build a better Ballarat for you and for the millions of tourists who will continue to flock to our city.

The City of Ballarat is proud to present the 2018 Ballarat Heritage Weekend, and over this spectacular two-day event I encourage you all to embrace the past innovations and learn more about how technology will advance our city for the better.

Join in at the Ballarat Heritage Weekend

25-26 May 2019