Ballarat Beard & Stache Competition

They say every beard has a story to tell and The Ballarat Beard & Moustache Union once again return to Ballarat Heritage Weekend to not only share these stories, but to also deliver one of the greatest ‘Beard Competitions’ in the land! This iconic event continues to grow like the glorious hair on everyone’s chin, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. More categories, more fun, more engagement – you won’t want to miss this!

How to enter:

Fill out the form below – it’s really that simple. This competition is FREE to enter, but we’d love to hear your beard bio and see a pic of the facial majesty!

Categories: (Category measurements are taken from the bottom lip to the end of the Beard)

Full Beard Natural – 20cm to infinity

As nature intended – full facial hairiness in all its glory.

Full Beard Natural – 10cm to 20cm

As nature intended – full facial hairiness in all its glory.

Verdi – 10cm & under

Full and round Beard with Moustache styling encouraged

Partial Beard

Any form of facial hair with a section shaved out. (eg. Goatees, flavour savers, chops, sideburns, etc)


Top lip coverage only, styling encouraged.

Just for Fun

We’re holding a freestyle showcase for Ladies, Gentlemen and Children who want to display some creativity! Prizes and giveaways for those that dare to show some flair! (Faux Beards, Products and styling allowed.)